Which deposit methods and currencies are currently available?
Depending on your currency choice our platform currently supports deposits via Bank Cards, E-wallets and cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, USDT (ERC20 and TRC20) and USDC.
What are the limitations on deposit amounts?
The minumum deposit amount is equivalent to 10 USD in the relevant currency. Regarding cryptocurrencies it is subject to changes in exchange rates and conditions set by the payment service provider. The specific minimum deposit limits for each cryptocurrency are as follows:
  • BTC: 0.0004
  • ETH: 0.01
  • USDC: 10
  • USDT: 10
Please note that deposits falling below these minimum thresholds will not be credited to your account and cannot be refunded. These amounts will be deemed as lost. Hence, it is crucial to always verify the minimum deposit limit before executing a transaction to prevent any potential losses.
How do I report a missing deposit?
If you do not see your funds in your account within 15-20 mins, please contact our Customer Support Team via Live Chat or E-mail, providing the relevant proof of successful payment. You can find our contact information here.
How quickly are deposits reflected in the account balance?
Deposits, regardless of the payment method used, are refleced as soon as we receive your transaction.
In rare instances, delays with the transactions may cause delay in the funds being reflected into your account with us. If that occurs, and you do not see your funds in your account within 15-20 mins, please contact our Customer Support Team via Live Chat or E-mail. You can find our contact information here.


How do I withdraw winnings from my account?
You can withdraw money from your Wallet's Withdraw Section in your M88 account. Bear in mind that you can only cash out in the same currency/cryptocurrency. So, if your balance is in Bitcoin (BTC), you must withdraw to a Bitcoin (BTC) address. Withdrawing from one cryptocurrency to another (e.g., from Bitcoin (BTC) to Ethereum (ETH)) is not permitted. Also, consolidating various cryptocurrency balances is not possible, so you must withdraw from one cryptocurrency balance at a time.
What options are available for making withdrawals?
Depending on your currency preference, we provide different withdraw options such as debit cards, crypto methods, E-Wallets and banking methods.
When will I receive my withdrawal?
At, we strive to expedite the withdrawal process, typically completing most transactions within a matter of hours. We aim to ensure a hassle-free experience for our users. However, on rare occasions, processing times may extend due to high traffic or technical glitches, but we consistently work towards reducing these instances. If you encounter any issues or have queries regarding your withdrawal, our committed customer service team is always ready to assist. They will keep you informed about the progress of your request and ensure your withdrawal process is streamlined.

Fees & Charges

Do I owe an administrative fee for opening or maintaining an account?
There are no administrative fees due for opening an account with M88. However, if your account (i) has an available balance and (ii) has not been utilised for a period of six (6) months or more, we may at our sole discretion begin deducting a monthly administrative fee from your balance. The amount of the administrative fee deducted from your account will be $ 5.00 or the equivalent amount in the currency you have chosen. For further details, please refer to point 7.9 of our Terms and Conditions.
Are deposit transactions subject to any fees?
No, does not impose any charges for processing deposit payments. However, please note that there might be associated fees from the cryptocurrency network used for transferring the funds.
Do any charges apply when making withdrawals?
No, we do not levy any charges on withdrawals. This allows you to cash out your winnings without concern for extra costs, ensuring you retain the maximum amount of your earnings. Our commitment is to your satisfaction, and we strive to offer an efficient, cost-free withdrawal process to all our customers.


How do I open an account with M88?
Setting up an account at our virtual casino is straightforward and quick. Just use the following link to get started: Sign Up. We ensure an effortless process for you to begin playing your preferred games and reaping all the advantages that our community membership offers.
Am I eligible to open an account?
To qualify for setting up an account, the following criteria must be met:
Age: You should be no less than 18 years of age, as online gambling is limited to legally aged individuals.
Consent to terms and conditions: You should agree to and follow our General Terms and Conditions. This encompasses our privacy policy, responsible gaming policy, and all other relevant guidelines that regulate your use of our virtual casino.
For any additional inquiries or concerns, our customer support team is always ready to assist you via Live Chat, Phone or Email. You can find our contact information here.
Am I allowed to have more than one player account?
You are allowed to open only one Player Account on the Website. We reserve the right to close all multiple Player Accounts that are connected to the same person.

Account functionalities

What browser works best?
All major browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari work well and provide you with all M88 features.
How can I access my betting history?
Your gaming and transactions history could be accessed from your Account Menu - 'My Activity'. For more detailed information about your bets or transactions, please contact our Customer Support Team via Live chat, Phone or Email.
May I use a VPN?
For connectivity specifications please contact our friendly Customer Support Team via Live chat, Phone or Email. You can find our contact information here.

Details change

How can I change my profile details?
If you wish to change your personal information, adhere to these instructions:
  1. Sign in to your account and go to the 'Account' menu - 'My profile'
  2. Alter the appropriate fields with your updated data.
  3. Finalize the modifications by hitting the 'Update Account Details' button.
Is it possible to modify my email address?
Regrettably, modifying the email address linked to your account isn't an option. However, you can contact customer support to terminate your existing account and establish a new one with a different email address.


How can I reset my password?
If you need to change your password for your account, follow these steps:
Go to the sign-in page and find the 'Forgot Password' option Input the email address tied to your account.
Look out for a message from in your email with guidelines to reset your password. If the email isn't in your primary inbox, make sure to check your spam or junk folder.
In case you're encountering any issues, our accessible Customer Support team is always on standby to assist you! You can find our contact information here.


Is my personal information secure?
M88 will not disclose your personal information to any third party unless required to do so by applicable laws and regulations or a court order.
We reserve the right to disclose and transfer your personal data to our respective payment settlement service providers and financial institutions to the extent necessary for the completion of payments for services provided through our website.
All personal information supplied by users is transmitted via Secure Socket (SSL 128 bit encryption Standard) and stored in secure operating environments that are not accessible by the public. Internal access to all data is limited and strictly monitored. For further details, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Account Verification

Do I need to verify my account?
You might need to verify your account with us. This is a simple process where you show us proof of your identity. We might ask you to do this to:
  1. Follow the law and stop illegal activities.
  2. Make sure we send any winnings to the right person.
  3. Check that only adults are using our site.
  4. Stop any unfair practices.
If we need to verify your account, our customer support team will be in touch to guide you through the process.

Account Closure

Can I terminate my account?
Indeed, you have the option to restrict access to your account for any duration you deem necessary. In more severe cases, you may also self-exclude. Kindly reach out to our customer service via Live chat, email or phone, and they will assist you with your request. You can find our contact information here.
Can I reactivate my account?
If your account has been closed for any reason, please contact our Customer Support Team via Live chat, Phone or Email for further assistance. You can find our contact information here.


Can I claim the welcome offers for both casino and sportsbook?
While you can make use of a selection of great offers with us for a remarcable journey, you are not able to claim both sign up bonuses upon your first deposit.
How do I receive a bonus?
You may take advantage of any promotion displayed on our Promotions page. The requirements for each promotion are eloquently described within its T&Cs section, which you may access by clicking on the promotion.
In order to activate a promotion of your choice, simply click on the opt-in button 'Claim now', after which it should become available to you.
We also communicate any ongoing or special promotions directly via e-mail, the details for which are always disclosed within those e-mails.

VIP Program

How do I become VIP?
You may discover more information regarding the VIP program, its requirements and its benefits via the FAQ section of the VIP Club page.


What is return to player (RTP)?
Return to player percentage, or RTP%, is a measure of returns awarded by a game as a percentage of all bets made. On the thumbnails of almost all of the games we provide the RTP % (the calculated theoretical average return to player percentage for the game) is presented. These values are the mathematical calculation, based on the game design, including all possible results, and influencing factors such as number of decks used (in Blackjack, for example) and represent the expected average performance of the game over time. These values are based on historical records & simulated bets, and do not necessarily guarantee or represent expected future payouts.
M88 Game Portfolio
At we offer a wide variety of games like Sportsbook, Live Casino - Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Game shows, Online Casino - Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Sicbo.
Where to find games?
All featured games can be accessed from our Home page and from the navigation menu on the left part of the site.
How to pick the number of paylines on slot games?
You can choose the number of lines by clicking on the '+' or '-'.
Note that not all games provide an option to amend paylines.
How do I find the rules of a game?
You need to open the said game and then via the help section you may allocate the rules. That section is location specific for different games but is is normally near the corners of the screen.
What to do if I can't open a game?
You can attempt to log out, clear cache and cookies of your browser, log back in and try again, or try with a different device or browser. Should you proceed to experience the same issue after this, please get in touch with our Customer Support Team via Live chat, Phone or Email. You can find our contact information here.
What happens if a game freezes in the middle of a round?
If a freeze occurs in the middle of a game, and you manage to unfreeze the game before your account is logged out, you will return to the same spot in your game. Once the account is logged out, the funds from any slot bets are returned to your account, and the game is voided. In case you were logged out during a live game, the round will finish automatically, and the outcome will be reflected on your account accordingly.
When will my bet be settled?
We strive to settle bets as quickly as possible, but please note that in order to ensure fair settlement we have to wait for the official match/race report, which might take some time. If you feel it takes too long for a bet to be settled, please contact us via Live Chat or E-mail. You can find our contact information here.
How can I cancel a bet?
Once a bet is confirmed as placed, it cannot be cancelled or modified.
How do free bets work?
Free bets are tokens which let you place a bet for free. They should be used once in their entirety, otherwise you forfeit the unused amount (placing a 3$ bet using a 5$ free bet will cut the remaining 2$). Free bets might have different expiration periods. Note that free bet stake is not included in your potential return.
How to place a free bet?
Add one or more selections that match the Free bet criteria (e.g. Football only or multiples) to your Bet slip and you will see a drop down menu right under the selection(s)  - simply select the Free bet you want to use and confirm your bet.
Why did I get less winnings from my bet than I was supposed to?
A possible reason is that one of the selections in a combo bet has been voided or cancelled according to our Betting rules. For more detailed information please check our Betting rules page for the respective sport or contact us via Live Chat or E-mail. You can find our contact information here.